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Change log

Woo Order plugin Version: 1.0.3 , 17. October 2022

  • New: Exporting data for shipping
  • New: Czech translation
  • Improvements: New class for several functions to meet translation requirements
  • Improvements: Complete redesign of API classes to meet translation requirements
  • Fix: CSS on mobile.

Woo Order plugin Version: 1.0.2 , 19. July 2022

  • Fix: Menus on mobile
  • Fix: Fixed styling for API orders when sidebar is closed
  • Fix: Broken CSS and JS files versions
  • Fix: Responsivity fixes
  • Fix: Broken CSS and styling
  • Fix: Broken headers with tools
  • Tweak: Reworked some css with flexbox
  • Tweak: Moved code for updates of plugin
  • Missing notes and other fixes

Woo Order plugin Version: 1.0.1 , May 2022

  • New: Reworked API functions
  • New: Added API settings
  • New: Settings for each API to enable/disable each function
  • Fix: Broken functions and missing security checks for some function
  • Fix: More styling rework to fit new style

Woo Order plugin Version: 1.0 , April 2022

  • Initital release
Trouble shoting
To resolve a technical issue related to the Woo-Order plugin, please use the SupportDesk and create a ticket with your request. Our staff will help you solve it.